Blueberry milkshake

Blueberries and milk shake

Mondays are not always the greatest day of the week. How does one make monday a better day, so it will match with other days of the week? You need something sweet and delicious! Nothing else works. Why should you have a traditional sweets’ day on weekends, when weekends are the lovieliest days of the week even without sweets? No, you should have a sweets’ day on monday.

Sometimes you don’t even need candy. The helthier and even more delicious option is blueberry milkshake. Because for this all you need is…

Vanilla ice cream
and a blender.

And then you are done. Look at it. It’s so beautiful. The colour is suprime!

And this milk shake is the essence of finnish flavours! Enjoy.

Blueberry milkshake
Blueberry milkshake