The Lovely and Beautiful Beetroot Risotto

The lovestory between this finnish girl and beetroot continues.

The Lovely Beetroot risotto.
The Lovely Beetroot risotto.

Every now and then people ask me what is my favorite food. Well, that’s about as hard a question as is what is your favorite movie or book: there are so many that I can not just simply pick one. Still lately I have been thinking about the question in hand. It could be easier to answer what is my favorite home made (or should I say self made?) dish.

Lately I have found the most joy and excitement on making, creating and eating risotto. It is truly a wonderful and delicious dish. And also you can do a lot of different variations on risotto. Risottos versatility is propably the reason why I love it so much.

So this time my blog concentrates on ternary lovestory. It is a story of a finnish girl and her love for risotto and beetroot. And it is a match made in the foodheaven. Truly. You should try it. I almost gurantee that you will fall in love with it too.

The Lovliest Beetroot Risotto

1 punasipuli
3 beforehand cooked beetroots
2 small garlic cloves
2 tbs butter and 2 tbs olive oil
seasalt, black pepper and thyme

2 tbl olive oil
400 g risotto rice
2,5 dl white wine
1 l chantarell/chicken stock
about 2 tbs fresh juice of pineapple
100 g Philadelphia cream cheese (Light)
1 dl grated parmesan cheese

Make the chantarell/chicken stock. Cook the beetroots beforehand in salted water and peel them. Chop the beetroots into small blocks. Skin the onion and garlic cloves and hop them. Roast them in a kettle for about five minutes with butter, olive oil, and beetroot blocks. Season and move to a different holder. If you leave to cook with the rice, the colour will not be as beautiful as it is in these pictures!

Add olive oil and risotto rice to the (same) kettle (as you used before, it has all of the flavours!). Turn the rice in the oil for a couple of minutes: the rice should start to shine through. Add white wine and turn the mixture around untill the wine has soaked in to the rice almost completly. Then start to add the chantarell/chicken stock to the rice a scoop at a time. Add the folowing scoop, when the former has almost soaked in to the rice. This way the rice will be cook evenly through. Continue this untill the rice starts to fell cooked (you can check it with tasting: you feel it in your teeth. This will take about 15-20 minutes depending on the rice quality.

Remember to blend the risotto from time to time. Risotto rice should be a little hard, it goes bad if it turns out like mush or porridge. Also remember to taste the risotto several times especially at the end of the cooking. Add the juice of a pineapple, the mixture of beetroots and onions, the grated parmesan cheese and philadelphia cream cheese when the rice is almost cooked. Blend softly untill the beetroot risotto is even. Taste. Season. Taste.

Enjoy this beautiful and colourful dish with good company and a glass of wine. Believe me, it is worth the trouble and work!

Delicious Beetroot Risotto. To die for.
Delicious Beetroot Risotto. To die for.
The beautiful and healthy beetroot.
The beautiful and healthy beetroot.