Beetroot Cake with cheesecrust

Beetrootcake with cream cheese crusting
Beetrootcake with cream cheese crusting

Happy Birthday to me! What to expect from an adventurous and inspirational foodblogger on her birthday? Beetrootcake! Lately I have fallen in love with beetroot. Mostly because I have only now just found out how versatile vegetable it is. The latest wonderful idea was that beetroot can be used in cakes. So what else is a girl to do, but try that on her birthday? And it was simply delicious. Everyone loved it.

Cheesecake with beetroot

The Cake Dough:
4 eggs
3 dl sugar
4 dl flours
2 ts baking soda
1,5 ts baking powder
(1 ts orange sugar)
0,5 ts seasalt
2 beetroot
1 dl oil/melted butter (0,5 dl butter/0,5 dl walnut oil)

Finely grate the beetroots. Whip the eggs and the sugar into a fluffy foam. Mix baking soda, baking powder, seasalt, orange sugar and flours together. Add grated beetroots and other ingredients to the egg and sugar foam. Mix all of them together. Add butter evenly to the sides and bottom of a pie or cake tin. Pour the cake dough into the tin. Bake the cake for  about 35 minutes in the oven (190’degrees).

Let the cake rest untill it is cooled down. If you like, you can slice the cake in two and add some cheesecrusting to the middle.

Cheese Crusting:
400 g Philadelphia cream cheese
1,5 dl powdered sugar
1 tl orange sugar
2 tbl Fresh juice of a pineapple
Grated white chocolate with hazelnuts and nonpareil

Add all of the ingredients together and mix them to a smooth mixture. Spred the cheesemixture on top of the cake and to the sides (and to the middle if you decided to cut the cake in two). Garnish with the grated white chocolate, hazelnuts and nonpareil.

Let the cake rest for at least 3 hours in the fridge before serving.

Enjoy with friends, family and loved ones. This cake will blow their mind!

Cheesecake with beetroot
Cheesecake with beetroot
Delicious beetroot cake <3